YOUTH BREAKING GROUND: Summer Intensive 2005

Detroit Summer is now accepting applications for this summer's "Youth Breaking Ground" Summer Intensive (ages 14-25).

YBG will involve three main pieces:

In FREEDOM SCHOOL: you will learn about the many struggles for social justice in Detroit's past and present by going on field trips, dialoguing with elders and participating in workshops.

Through GARDENING AND COMMUNITY ORGANIZING : you will be part of shaping a vision for Detroit and practice valuable hands-on skills. You will also learn how to plan events, about urban agriculture, run grassroots fundraising and simply build relationships with community members-- skills that you can apply to any community project for social change!

With LOUD & CLEAR MEDIA: You will build skills in independent media production and be able to voice your vision and creativity to the world... loud and clear.

You'll HAVE FUN: Detroit Summer is a space where, as young people we are free to get loud, be ourselves, act crazy, and take risks.

We are limiting the number of participants in Youth Breaking Ground to 15 youth. We will be accepting applications through June 15. If you are interested, please contact Detroit Summer for an application: Email detroitsummer@hotmail.com or call 313-832-2904.