The Hopes & Aspirations Survey: Giving voice to our dreams

What are your hopes and aspirations for the children and youth of Detroit?

Detroit Summer is asking adults and youth across the city of Detroit this simple question. We invite you to share your response to this question by sending your answers to any of the following places:
  • Post it your response in the comment form below.
  • Mail of drop off at: 3611 Cass Ave. (north of MLK Blvd.)
  • Email detroitsummer@yahoo.com.
The upcoming November (11/9) Community Potluck will be the one-year anniversary since Detroit Summer first initiated potluck dinners at the CCNDC Community Center. As part of the celebration, your responses to the Hopes & Aspirations Survey will be read at the November Potluck on November 9th. Potluck dinner starts at 6 PM at 3535 Cass Ave.