Community teach-in/speak out on Lebanon and Palestine


LAMP Closing Ceremony

Detroit Summer presents...
The closing ceremony for the 2006 Live Arts Media Project:

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

The ceremony will be part of the monthly Breaking Bread community
potluck series, so as always, please bring a dish to share!

Join us for an evening of youth media and artistic expression,
~Youthville Djs
~Poetry and hip hop performances
~live graffitti art
~Hardcore Detroit breakdancers
~and a special presentation by LAMP youth

The Live Arts Media Project is Detroit Summer's Summer Youth Leadership
Intensive. We have spent the past 6 weeks exploring questions around
"The Drop-out Crisis, Education, and The Future of Our City" through
interviews and creative workshops with youth and the artist-activist
community of Detroit.

Come out to see what we've been up to and help us celebrate all our
hard work!!

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Call: 313-438-2254 for more information
Or visit: detroitsummer.org
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DAY Project 3rd Annual Closing Ceremony

(DAY Project is a close ally of Detroit Summer. Please check out this exciting event.)

The Detroit Asian Youth Project presents:
3rd Annual Closing Ceremony for the Summer Intensive Program

You are invited to the Closing Ceremony of the Detroit Asian Youth Project's 3rd Annual Summer Intensive Program. Meet this year's high school youth, who come from the northeast/Osborn area of Detroit, and who have been exploring "what it means to be Asian in Detroit". This summer DAY Project youth conducted interviews of various Asian American community members, including Grace Lee Boggs, Aurora Harris, Senator Hansen Clarke, and others. Come find out what they discovered about their lives, neighborhood and city this summer!

Date: Saturday, August 12th, 2006

Time: 12pm-2pm

Location: St. John/Conner Creek Health Center

4777 E Outer Dr, Detroit, MI

Food and refreshments provided.

Detroit Asian Youth (DAY) Project was launched in 2004 and works with Asian American youth in Detroit to develop leadership skills and raise awareness for social justice. DAY Project engages in community-based projects that foster a greater understanding of Detroit and its Asian American community.

The DAY Project Summer Intensive Program is co-sponsored by Asian American Center for Justice/American Citizens for Justice, who provides the annual Vincent Chin Justice Memorial Scholarship to each participating youth. DAY Project is also supported by the Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership, St. Raymond Catholic Church, St. John's/Conner Creek Health Center, and the University of Michigan Program in American Culture.

For more info:

Michelle Lin


(313) 333-3112


From the West:
Taking 94 E exit Van Dyke and go north. Turn right at Outer Drive.
The hospital will be on your left.


Taking 96 East, exit Davison East. Take Davison East for a long time past I-75 until
you hit Mound. Take a left at Mound and then a right on Outer Drive. The St. John will be on your left.

From the North:
Taking 75 South, exit Davison East. Take a left at Mound and a right on Outer Drive.
St. John will be on your left.

From the South/Downtown Deroit:

Taking 75 North, exit Davison East. Take a left at Mound and a right on Outer Drive.

St. John will be on your left.